Crescentech - Remote Auto Starter

Name : Crescentech - Remote Auto Starter
Crescentech - Remote Auto Starter
Description :

Auto Starter system was designed for the driver' s security, convenience and comfort. It acts as an add-on feature to your existing alarm system. The technology behind the product allows easy installation and practically "Zero"  maintenance.

The device add onto the existing vehicle alarm system and automatically switches on the air conditioner / heater to cool down / warm up the vehicle interior. it comes with turbo timer setting with pre-defined period, turbo timer cut-off engine either when you press the "lock" 
 button after leaving the car or about one minute timing. It also comes with engine start function of 24 hours timer or adjustable timer.

Other features include:

  • Special safety features prevent your vehicle from being stolen without your key in the ignition.
  • Your vehicle's doors and steering wheel remain locked.
  • The engine automatically shuts off at 15 minutes timing, while no key in the ignition
  • Your vehicle can be remotely started (when it is on free gear for manual transmission)