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  • Remote Auto Starter
  • RPM Meter with Turbo Timer
  • Auto-Lock Device
  • Immobilizer with Anti Hi-jack System
  • Power Racing Light
  • Car Alarm Devices:
    * Patron alarm
    * Ray P-9 Alarm

  • Photo : LED Traffic Lights - front
  • Name : LED Traffic Lights - front
  • Code :
  • Description :

    Crescentech Traffic Signals

    CT provide state-of the art LED solution for the conversion of incandesent signals light .

    Installation of LED Traffic Signals Light can offer signficant savings in operation and maintenance cost resulting in a quick return on initial investement. 

    Our LED Traffic Signal Light features includes.
    = High brightness , high-efficiency and long life LED light source
    = Excellent optical design
    = Well defined Far Field Pattern
    = Reliability engineered to stand real outdoor environment in terms of temperature , humidity and ultra violet ( UV ) exposure
    = UV stabilized shell
    = Designed to conform to global standards
    = Operates at 40 C to 65 C


    Reduce overall operation and maintenance costs.
    = More than 85% energy savings
    = Long operating life > 50,000 hours 

    Reliability and traffic safety
    = Improved visibility over life of the product
    = 30 viewing angle
    = Viewing Distance >300 meters
    = Reduces emergency lamp outs
    = Design minimizes sun phantom effects
    = Compatibilityt with most traffic heads and controllers

    LED Lamp Reliability Test & Criteria

    CT LED lamp are made with the highest quality standards
    for Traffic Signal modules.

    The LED lamps goes through a a wide array of reliability test
    including test for shock resistance ,life span and thermal

    They are made to withstand the temperature , humidity and ultraviolet conditions of real outdoor enviroments. 

    Quality Assurance

    All of the LED signal module shall be manufactured in accordance with Manufacture quality assurance (QA) programs.QA process and test results documentation shall be kept on file for minimum period of five (5) years.

    Each LED Signal module shall be identified by manufactures serial number for warranty purposes.

    The product shall carry a warranty period of 2 years after installation and user acceptance. The manufacturer will make good any product failed during warranty period.

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  • Photo : Precision RPM with Turbo Timer
  • Name : Precision RPM with Turbo Timer
  • Code :
  • Description : Function
    • POW button: Press to turn on/off the device power.
    • MODE button: Press to choose turbo timer auto or manual mode.
    • MIN button: Press to increment the minute digit. Range from 0 to 9 min.
    • SEC button: Press to increment the second digit. Range from 0 to 5 sec.
    • 4-digit display: It Show RPM reading and Turbo timer setting.
    • LED: It start blinking when the RPM is over the preset level.
    • Built-in buzzer: Provide audible signal during button pressed and warning.

    Please note: vehicle engine must remain on to allow the user to perform below function.

    Digital RPM Meter
    Press POW button to turn on power, the device will show the RPM reading of your vehicle
    Automatically. When your RPM is over 500, the device sounds the buzzer once and flashes the LED until RPM is lower than 5000 unit (Shift lamp).
    To change the RPM warning level, just press and hold the MODE button until the display Shown 5.OE as Figure below: the 1000x digit: 1=1000, 2=2000 etc.
    0is the 100x digit: 1=100, 2=200 etc.
    E means set the rpm warning level.
    -Press MIN button to increase the 1000x digit.
    This digit ranges from 0 to 14.
    Press SEC button to increase the 100x digit.
    This digit ranges from 0 to 9.
    Display will return to RPM mode after 5 sec.
    Turbo timer
    Press and release the MODE button, the device will enter the turbo timer mode.

    Turbo Timer Manual Mode:

    About figure shown the turbo timer manual mode. Just press the MIN button or SEC button to set the timers minute digit or second digit respectively. The display will return to RPM mode after 5 sec.

    Turbo Timer Auto Mode:

    Press the MODE button again to enter the turbo timer auto mode. The left most-digit will Keep on cycling to indicate it is in auto mode. The timing will automatically increment according to the driving duration. The maximum timing is limited to the digits you set in the manual mode. For example, if you set to 0.30 in manual, the auto mode will increase to 0.03 only. If you set to 0.00 in manual, the auto mode will not function. The display will return to RPM mode after 5 sec.

    This package included:
    - ECU - 1unit
    - Wire / Harness - 2unit
    - High Ampere Relay - 1unit
    -Installation and user manual


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  • Photo : Crescentech - Ultimate Turbo Timer
  • Name : Crescentech - Ultimate Turbo Timer
  • Code :
  • Description :


    1)      Turbo Timer :

    -In this feature, we have given the option to the users to keep the engine fan running to cool the engine block, even after removing the keys. The engine will engine will only cut-off certain period after you removed your key.

    -The system provides 2 modes of turbo timer: manual / auto mode .In manual mode, you can manually set the timer from 10 sec to 9 min 50 sec. If you like to extend the period to more then 10min, just pres MODE button once. The system will change to 10 minutes mode and allow you to set timer more than 10 min. Press the MODE button again, the display will change to auto mode (flashing DOT at right most digit).

    When auto mode is activated, the system will increase timer by 5 sec. The maximum timer duration is limited to the timing you set in manual mode.

    -Once you turn off ignition key, the turbo timer starts operating. The count-down is accompany with LED flash and buzzer beeping.


    2)      Auxiliary Timer Output:

    - This is an count-down timer for user to activate external device, for example: Auto Starter.

    -First, press and hold MODE button for more than 2 sec, the display will start flashing to indicate the AUX mode is initiated. Now the system allow user to enter timing for count-down. Just press button 1 to increase timer by hour, and press button 2 to increase timer by 5 min.

    -Press button 4 once to "arm"  the timer, LED start flushing. But the timer will not count down until you turn off your ignition key. When the timers overflow, a signal will be sent to activate external device.

    -During AUX timer countdown, "minutes" digits are always flashing.


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  • Photo : Crescentech - Buzzer New Improvement
  • Name : Crescentech - Buzzer New Improvement
  • Code :
  • Description :

    1)     This system will convert the siren' s beep sound of your alarm system into buzzer sound.

    2)     When the alarm being trigger, the system will not convert the siren sound, it provides direct siren sounding.

    3)     After the siren stop, the system will provide buzzer beeping warning every 4 sec, up to 30 minute.

    4)     Pressing the remote to disarm your alarm system after it being trigger, the buzzer sound. This is to warn the owner that the alarm had been triggered.

    5)     If you don' t want the buzzer-ending sound, please cut the blue wire.

    6)     If you don' t want the "after trigger warning"  sound, please cut the yellow wire.

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  • Photo : Crescentech - Ray P-9 Alarm
  • Name : Crescentech - Ray P-9 Alarm
  • Code :
  • Description :
    Proximity Sensing: The alarm comes with proximity sensor. Alarm would be automatically turned off when driver approaching his car with certain distance.

    Auto Relocking: When driver accidentally disarm/unlock your system, it will automatically arm/lock your system after 30 sec, unless the door has been open within this period.

    Foot brake lock: The alarm would be locked when driver step your foot brake and would be unlocked automatically when driver turn off engine.

    Passive lock: If the door is not closed properly before the driver arm, the hazard light flashing for 30 sec to warn the driver to close all the door and re-arm the system. If the driver closes the door within the above period, the system will re-arm and re-lock itself automatically.

    Last door close arming: When you close the last door, system will be re-armed by itself after 30, but the central system remain unlock.

    Self diagnose of previous alarm status: After the alarm being triggered, the system will inform driver where the alarm was triggered when the driver than press the button to disarm the system.

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  • Photo : Crescentech - Patron alarm
  • Name : Crescentech - Patron alarm
  • Code :
  • Description :
    This device is to be used for vehicle with existing remote central lock system and without an alarm system. It works on top of your original remote control system and provides you with the following features:
    • Foot brake locked and unlocked automatically upon key off
    • on / off beep sound for alarm activation & deactivation.
    • Detection of door that was not properly closed when alarm is armed.


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  • Photo : Crescentech - Immobilizer with Anti Hi-jack System
  • Name : Crescentech - Immobilizer with Anti Hi-jack System
  • Code :
  • Description :
    Car theft and car hi-jacking rates have been increased tremendously over the past few years. On top of that, your insurance does not cover the full value of the car in the event of a car theft! This device protect your car from being stolen by actually cut out the electrical circuits of the vehicle when armed. The system can only be disarmed by a ID-card, other features includes:

    Anti-Hijack: If a hijack occurs while driving, the device will detect for any depression of brake pedal as it activates the system to check the presence of the ID-card. Buzzer will beep and the siren will sound continuously, if the ID-card is not detected within 30 second. In addition to this, the engine will be turned off in about one minutes.

    Anti-Theft: By turning off the engine, removing the ignition key and closing the door, the system will automatically activate by itself after 30 seconds. If an intruder enters the vehicle with a duplicated key, he will no be able to start the engine. The same happens if the intruder hot-wired the vehicle.

    Long Range Communication: The Immobilizer Module will auto detect the ID-card in a short distance. The device act as an identity of the car owner.

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  • Photo : Crescentech - Auto Lock Device
  • Name : Crescentech - Auto Lock Device
  • Code :
  • Description :

    The device would lock the vehicle doors automatically when driver depress the foot brake after the car has been started.

    Starter Lock - The door will be locked once the key is on ACC position.

    Sensor Lock - If the door is accidentally unlocked after the engine hasbeen started, the system will relock the door after 10 sec, unless the door is opened within this period.

    Auto Re-lock - If the door is accidentally unlocked by remote, the system will relock the door after 35 sec, unless the door is opened within this period.

    Reminder Sensor - If the door is opened after the engine has been started, stepping on the foot brake will initiate a series of buzzer sound to indicate the door is not properly closed.

    Child Safety Lock - When passenger get out of the car by unlocking the door manually (while the ignition is on) the system will lock the door after the door is close for 10 sec.
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  • Photo : Crescentech - RPM Meter with Turbo Timer
  • Name : Crescentech - RPM Meter with Turbo Timer
  • Code :
  • Description :
    • RPM reading: Digital readout (4 digits) displays the current RPM reading.
    • RPM Shift Lamp: The adjustable triggered level of shift lamp can be set by user
    • Turbo Timer: It can be set manually from the range of 10 sec to 19min 50sec.
    • Auto Timer: It will increae the timer to adapt to the driving condition.
    • Tunable feature: This device can be tuned to match 3/4/6 cylinder vehicle.
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  • Photo : Crescentech - Remote Auto Starter
  • Name : Crescentech - Remote Auto Starter
  • Code :
  • Description :

    Auto Starter system was designed for the driver' s security, convenience and comfort. It acts as an add-on feature to your existing alarm system. The technology behind the product allows easy installation and practically "Zero"  maintenance.

    The device add onto the existing vehicle alarm system and automatically switches on the air conditioner / heater to cool down / warm up the vehicle interior. it comes with turbo timer setting with pre-defined period, turbo timer cut-off engine either when you press the "lock" 
     button after leaving the car or about one minute timing. It also comes with engine start function of 24 hours timer or adjustable timer.

    Other features include:

    • Special safety features prevent your vehicle from being stolen without your key in the ignition.
    • Your vehicle's doors and steering wheel remain locked.
    • The engine automatically shuts off at 15 minutes timing, while no key in the ignition
    • Your vehicle can be remotely started (when it is on free gear for manual transmission)
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