Crescentech - Immobilizer with Anti Hi-jack System

Name : Crescentech - Immobilizer with Anti Hi-jack System
Crescentech - Immobilizer with Anti Hi-jack System
Description :
Car theft and car hi-jacking rates have been increased tremendously over the past few years. On top of that, your insurance does not cover the full value of the car in the event of a car theft! This device protect your car from being stolen by actually cut out the electrical circuits of the vehicle when armed. The system can only be disarmed by a ID-card, other features includes:

Anti-Hijack: If a hijack occurs while driving, the device will detect for any depression of brake pedal as it activates the system to check the presence of the ID-card. Buzzer will beep and the siren will sound continuously, if the ID-card is not detected within 30 second. In addition to this, the engine will be turned off in about one minutes.

Anti-Theft: By turning off the engine, removing the ignition key and closing the door, the system will automatically activate by itself after 30 seconds. If an intruder enters the vehicle with a duplicated key, he will no be able to start the engine. The same happens if the intruder hot-wired the vehicle.

Long Range Communication: The Immobilizer Module will auto detect the ID-card in a short distance. The device act as an identity of the car owner.