Crescentech - Ray P-9 Alarm

Name : Crescentech - Ray P-9 Alarm
Crescentech - Ray P-9 Alarm
Description :
Proximity Sensing: The alarm comes with proximity sensor. Alarm would be automatically turned off when driver approaching his car with certain distance.

Auto Relocking: When driver accidentally disarm/unlock your system, it will automatically arm/lock your system after 30 sec, unless the door has been open within this period.

Foot brake lock: The alarm would be locked when driver step your foot brake and would be unlocked automatically when driver turn off engine.

Passive lock: If the door is not closed properly before the driver arm, the hazard light flashing for 30 sec to warn the driver to close all the door and re-arm the system. If the driver closes the door within the above period, the system will re-arm and re-lock itself automatically.

Last door close arming: When you close the last door, system will be re-armed by itself after 30, but the central system remain unlock.

Self diagnose of previous alarm status: After the alarm being triggered, the system will inform driver where the alarm was triggered when the driver than press the button to disarm the system.