Crescentech - Buzzer New Improvement

Name : Crescentech - Buzzer New Improvement
Crescentech - Buzzer New Improvement
Description :

1)     This system will convert the siren' s beep sound of your alarm system into buzzer sound.

2)     When the alarm being trigger, the system will not convert the siren sound, it provides direct siren sounding.

3)     After the siren stop, the system will provide buzzer beeping warning every 4 sec, up to 30 minute.

4)     Pressing the remote to disarm your alarm system after it being trigger, the buzzer sound. This is to warn the owner that the alarm had been triggered.

5)     If you don' t want the buzzer-ending sound, please cut the blue wire.

6)     If you don' t want the "after trigger warning"  sound, please cut the yellow wire.