Crescentech - Ultimate Turbo Timer

Name : Crescentech - Ultimate Turbo Timer
Crescentech - Ultimate Turbo Timer
Description :


1)      Turbo Timer :

-In this feature, we have given the option to the users to keep the engine fan running to cool the engine block, even after removing the keys. The engine will engine will only cut-off certain period after you removed your key.

-The system provides 2 modes of turbo timer: manual / auto mode .In manual mode, you can manually set the timer from 10 sec to 9 min 50 sec. If you like to extend the period to more then 10min, just pres MODE button once. The system will change to 10 minutes mode and allow you to set timer more than 10 min. Press the MODE button again, the display will change to auto mode (flashing DOT at right most digit).

When auto mode is activated, the system will increase timer by 5 sec. The maximum timer duration is limited to the timing you set in manual mode.

-Once you turn off ignition key, the turbo timer starts operating. The count-down is accompany with LED flash and buzzer beeping.


2)      Auxiliary Timer Output:

- This is an count-down timer for user to activate external device, for example: Auto Starter.

-First, press and hold MODE button for more than 2 sec, the display will start flashing to indicate the AUX mode is initiated. Now the system allow user to enter timing for count-down. Just press button 1 to increase timer by hour, and press button 2 to increase timer by 5 min.

-Press button 4 once to "arm"  the timer, LED start flushing. But the timer will not count down until you turn off your ignition key. When the timers overflow, a signal will be sent to activate external device.

-During AUX timer countdown, "minutes" digits are always flashing.