Electronics Manufacturing Services

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At Crescentech Manufacture Sdn. Bhd., we provide contract electronics manufacturing services for a variety of industries. Our board assembly operations are tailored to exceptional flexibility to handle the varying process demands that our customers require. Our production is based on an environment of no-clean and lead free process, and include testing for PCB assemblies as well as System assemblies. From High Mix, Low Volume products to high volume continuously running products, our facilities are equipped to handle the myriad of requirements the market brings.

Main Services:

  • Supply Chain Management - raw materials procurement, accessories procurement, assembly, testing, packing,  delivery and logistics, warranty and repair services.
  • Prototyping and test run, ensuring optimum design in terms of function and safety.
  • Component Sourcing and Kitting
  • PCB Board Level Assembly
  • Box Build Assembly
  • Custom System Integration and Assembly
  • Final Product Assembly
  • Full Turnkey Management
  • Consignment Production
  • Direct Ship Fulfillment