• High Mix Low Volume(HMLV) Manufacturing

    We offer responsive, reliable and predictable service to high-mix-low-volume customers, such as security device and Industrial product OEM customers, who are often neglected by other large EMS providers. We are committed to offer our customers with quality products and timely delivery. Our customers will enjoy peace of mind and world class manufacturing services by doing business with us.

    At Crescentech, we strive to win the satisfaction of all our customers, many of whom struggled endlessly to control quality and delivery issues with large EMS providers before switching to Crescentech. We pride ourselves in providing unfailing peace of mind, as our customers simply submit their orders and forget about them until timely delivery .

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  • BoxBuild Assembly

    Dedicated work cells are developed to focus on customer specific needs unique in design, form factor and packaging. From complex electro-mechanical assemblies to very robust system integration, our range in complete product packaging provides a full turnkey solution. We provide complete product testing and burn-in, custom packaging, and direct shipment to point-of-sale, if required.

  • Conformal Coating
  • Epoxy Potting and Application
  • Silicon Glue Application
  • Project Management
  • Full Turnkey Management