Crescentech is equipped with modern high mix production facilities that are able to respond quickly to changes in the working environment, allowing us to gain more production and maintain high levels of quality.       


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Manufacturing Facilities

  • Fully operational SMT lines with screen printer, chip mounter and reflow oven
  • Flexible lines for high mix production
  • Dedicated line for high volume production
  • Dedicated line for manual insertion and wave oven soldering
  • Flexible lines for Final assembly
  • Dedicated lines for rework and testing services
  • Solder assembly standards defined by IPC-A-610 Class II


Other Equipment

  • Solder Paste Measuring System
  • Functional Testers as required by different customers
  • Automated Optical Inspection(AOI) Machine
  • BGA rework machine
  • Large Baking machines to support high volume production
  • Portable Washing Machine to support clean assembly process